Digital Products Policy and Terms


When you purchase any digital product on our store, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following terms of service:-


Before requesting the service:
All digital products are not in-kind products and reach your account via the order page or WhatsApp messages.
Before paying for a digital product, please read all instructions for the product carefully and carefully.
All digital products are completely non-returnable or refundable.
When submitting an order and the customer provides incorrect information regarding the digital product, the Elite Store does not bear any responsibility.
Some products may be delivered within 5 minutes from the time of the actual order to a maximum of 24 hours.
Some products may be delivered immediately, meaning they are sent automatically after payment is completed.
The store does not bear any responsibility for incorrect purchases made by you, whether due to negligence or input
Incorrect information or any other reason, which may lead to damage, losses and liabilities, and accordingly, the Elite Store

We are not obligated to exchange or return any digital product whose data has been sent to you, so you should pay attention.


Working time on order:
As we mentioned previously, some products are delivered immediately, so we cannot accept the return of the product after the payment process.
If the store is late in executing your order within 24 hours, we are committed to returning the purchase amount immediately to the customer.
The amount will be refunded through your payment card or the amount will be added as a balance to your account on the store.


after delivery :
After delivery, Elite Store is not responsible for any loss or damage to digital goods purchased through us,

Compensation and replacement will be made if there is an error from the store or the subscription stops or malfunctions suddenly during the warranty period.

Because they are digital products that are used only once.


Everything mentioned in this article is subject to change as required by the interest of the store and its customers.
Purchasing from us means you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this article or in one of the articles inside our store.


Note that Elite Store has the right to amend or add to this page as it deems appropriate, and it is also the customer’s obligation

Follow and read these policies within the store periodically and repeatedly.

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